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Dumbbell dress

The dress was like a cast and I got a lot of compliments. You can dance nicely in it, but you can also sit comfortably in it, which is nice for long dinners on some occasions.


Silk crepe the chine jumpsuit with belt

Friday at your store, for a shoot on Monday. And how nice it was at Spinning Closet. With the help of two pairs of expert eyes, I had a fabulous outfit ready in no time. The photo shoot was a resounding success, and everyone thought I should buy the pantsuit because it looked so good. But of course we don't! Because now I have Spinning Closet - no need for buying.

Eloise Brownink

Sequin maxi dress

The dress was very good on me and I really liked it. It's very tall - I'm 1.81m and it almost touched the ground while I was wearing heels. Good to take into account.


Metallic Nixon Dress

I had a gala, so I had to go in the long, normally I'm always short. But in this dress, I felt totally comfortable. It was a real entrant. Because of the bow you can emphasize the waistline to what extent you feel comfortable with it. The split falls open on walking. The neck is cut low but fits very nicely. The sleeves are half long and a bit wider, which makes them very elegant. Really a very nice sitting dress!

Anne Fleur

Donna Mai dress

I immediately noticed this dress online, exactly what I was looking for for a wedding in Mexico! Just to be sure, I went to fit in the showroom of Spinning Closet. Ceyla thought along very well which could also be nice options and because of that I fitted dresses that I would never have chosen otherwise! It had become this topper of ICEBERG after all, and I carried it with great pleasure. The dress was lovely, very light, very flowy, but also really feminine. I had really fallen in love with it. He's a bit on the long side (for my 1.67m), but with a pair of high heels that came right :). Furthermore, the service of sending back and forth was very easy and well arranged, I will definitely rent again at Spinning Closet!

Eva Marsalkova

Golden dress with V-neck

This dress is ideal for a night out, a dinner, a party, actually for any occasion where you want to shine. The dress emphasizes just the right shapes. Through the cutaway neck you can see the bulge of the chest and the stone strap emphasizes the waist without being very tight. The good gloss gives an impressive effect when the light falls on it. The length up to the knee makes the dress solid but elegant at the same time.


Poppy Dress

I never thought I'd rent a garment! Always had my preconceptions about second-hand or vintage products and shouted out loud that it wouldn't be for me...well I think differently now. I stepped out of my comfort zone and through the advice of a friend I rented this purple dress at Spinning Closet. I thought it would be very prissy but the pockets and the sturdy collar make it a bit more robust. The weather was lovely so I carried it with sandals. Normally I have a size 34, so size 36 fell a bit looser around my body, but I really liked that!


Asymmetric dress

I wore this dress to work mainly because I had to go to a drink afterwards! It was top with high boots over my knee. The dress is very loose & I wanted to emphasize my waist a little bit more and that worked out well with a belt. Got a lot of compliments that it is such a special dress because of the asymmetrical lines. Definitely a must if you want to wear something with boots!


Red silk dress

Wow, this is one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever worn. The pink/red colour makes it even more special. The waist looked very narrow to me at first glance, and especially because I have larger breasts I wasn't sure if I would fit it. But fortunately it fitted exactly. It fitted very nicely, I kept the cut out neck open at the top so it was less closed. The high slits on both sides gave a real "wow" effect when moving. I'm definitely going to rent this dress more often! What a topper!!!


Multicolored Tweed dress

I wore this dress to a family dinner, it was a great success! I felt great in it, the dress is very comfortable. It was quite loose around my body but because of the fitted fit it was still elegant. Because of its length (over the knee) it is also perfect for an employment or a presentation. Highly recommended!


Asymmetric dress

I added a belt to accentuate my waist but I also like it without a belt, in this case it looked good with my boots and the leather hat that I was wearing. The A-symmetrical design makes the blouse more fun and gives it more edge. Also nice styled with knee length boots!


Red silk dress

The dress was astonishing, elegant and sexy. The size was perfect. I couldn't have bought something better for myself.

Ingrid Picas

Crochet shirt dress

I wore this dress in the south of France when going out, it was delicious because it's made of cotton and falls loose. I think you can handle it easily during the day. I thought it was best to stand with the buttons open, otherwise it will be so strict. It is made of fairly sturdy cotton so it falls nicely and does not crease.


Flower dress

Seats great, fits nicely, got a lot of compliments about it and felt great in it! Amur is also a really great brand! 🙂.


Royal blue Dress

During my work as day chairman / moderator of events I want to look varied, but too crazy. This dress made me splash off the stage. Got a lot of compliments about it from both the public and my client.

Linda Vermaat

Two-piece strapless suit

At first I was worried that the 38 would be too small as I have a small waist (often a size 36) and larger hips/ buttocks (some brands have a size 40). Normally Yves Saint Lauren also falls small but that's all right. This suit has enough stretch and because it's high-waist pants and my waist was small the size was no problem. For my length (167 cm) I had to wear very high (platform heels) because otherwise the trouser legs would be much too long.


Green gold maxi dress

Lovely fine dress that you can wear in an elegant way but also a bit tougher styling. I have a very narrow waist (actually size 36) so sometimes I noticed that, despite the dress being fitted with a stretchy elastic band, the waist dropped a bit but I was able to fix that completely with a nice belt. I wore this dress with Dr. Martins boots so it was important that the dress wasn't too long (I'm 1,65 m), that's what helped the belt.

Luna Michel

Dumbbell dress

This dress fit like a glove but was still stretchy so perfect for dancing at a wedding! I wore a sticky bra with it but may not have even needed it thanks to the thick material. I like where it hit below the knee too.


Champagne Jumpsuit

I wore this jumpsuit to a summer party with pastel shades as dress code. It was something else. Not a dress but a jumpsuit! The transparent sides open sensually when you walk and because of the golden neckline you don't need a necklace or very large eye-catching accessories. I would never have chosen this jumpsuit myself but the concept has taught me again that sometimes I just have to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. It was iig a success and I will rent more often from now on!


Silk ruffle dress

I haven't felt so feminine and elegant in ages. Super flashy dress with an exciting back line. Matched my waist. Got a lot of compliments from men and women!


Silk green dress

I had this dress on for the opening gala of the concert hall. It's very elegant and feminine. At the top it's quite sturdy so you don't need a bra (I have cup C, but I wore this dress without a bra). It has a very soft color. Normally I'm a size 38, but fit the 36 of this dress. Only drawback was that it was a bit static.


Draped burgundy red dress

I wore this dress for a babyshower & it was a perfect fit. It's soft and has a bit of stretch, so gave me a lot of flexibility in the fit


Silk crepe the chine jumpsuit with belt

This silk jumpsuit is delicious! Had it on for dinner. Normally wear between sizes 36-38 and fit size 36 of this jumpsuit. I'd certainly recommend it! Only have a traditional bathroom selfie!


Pencil dress

The dress fits tightly around your body. I'm usually 36/38 and the 38 fitted me fine. The fabric is quite tick, hence it shapes you beautifully. I wore it to a cocktail night and especially the fit from the back is spectacular.


Satin Pleated chill-dress

The dress is comfortable and you can wear it with the front closed and then open. I had it on for a night out with a black/silver heel. It was delicious and the underdress is very nice with folds.


Corset dress

It was the perfect dress for a wedding. The dress sits pretty tight around your body, and the red fires around your tough accentuate your waist fantastic.


Kimono dress

The dress has a nice color, thick fabric and fits well. The shoulders have light padding, which looked good on me. Had it on to a graduation drink, but with a black belt to accentuate my tougher. I got a lot of compliments. It's nice and short, at least with me! Do not have a very good picture, because was chatting all evening :-).


Crossed Straps Dress

The fabric of the dress is stretch which makes it fit nicely, but not uncomfortable. I fell in love with my back (hence the picture!) and it's lovely! It's quite open, because you have split and you can't wear a bra, but because it's nice, I felt completely at ease. Got a lot of compliments!


Silk shirt dress

A fantastic dress for in the sun! Because it's silk, it falls soft and loose. Wear it 2 times, 1 time when going out with heels and belt (unfortunately no photo) and during the day to lunch!


Sally dress

This is the perfect, elegant, chic variant of a slip on because it has a lining. This dress falls great and you can easily walk because it has long slits on both sides. The lining makes it easy to wear without a bra. It falls loosely, which I like with these kind of dresses, otherwise everything is drawn enormously.


Layered chiffon Dress

What a very cool dress! And that color! The underside of the dress has so much fabric that you won't see the underdress which is much shorter when you stand still, but your legs will be visible when you walk :). Very, very sexy, yet elegant. I want this dress back on! My breasts were loose and I had stuck them. Because it's nice and long but it doesn't really matter what kind of shoes you wear!


Cortese Tweed Dress

It's definitely a special dress and it's very comfortable! I had it on at a wedding in the garden and was good with wedge heel! It's lovely and it's long yet secretly short and very sexy!


Torah dress

I wore this dress at a gala and got compliments on the conveyor belt. It was certainly the most special dress of the evening. It fitted exactly and fits nicely to your body! Definitely recommended if you want to steal the show! Unfortunately I don't have a picture where you can see the dress better!


Pink satin dress

Had this dress on during the day at a wedding with a themed tenue de ville. It is very chic and the fabric is stiff so the shape remains beautiful. It's a little loose on your body. I felt beautiful. I have fairly wide hips / buttocks and with this fit it was not visible and fit very fine.


Bow dress

Hired this dress for a business event, followed by dinner. The bottom (skirt part) of the dress is very nice because it has a lot of fabric. With me it was pretty loose everywhere, but your toughness is nicely emphasized. Definitely recommended if you want a special black dress.


Blue feather dress

I felt incredibly beautiful in this dress, perfect for dancing.


Cobalt blue lace

I felt wonderful!


Draped burgundy red dress

Rented this dress for a winter wedding when I was 20 weeks pregnant (I'm quite tall and smart). It fit perfectly and was super comfortable, would definitely recommend this item!


Festive dress

Beautiful dress. Got a lot of compliments when I was wearing it. Striking but comfortable.


Moncur Ruffle Neck

During a garden party (wedding anniversary) I wore a beautiful dress made of spinning closet. Compliments from friends everywhere and was very pleased with this choice. For future special occasions I will definitely rent another dress from the ladies of Spinningcloset. In addition to avoiding time-consuming shopping sessions, taking up less closet space and being good for the environment, it's also great to wander around in designer clothes for an evening. I can recommend it to anyone.


Sequins dress with long sleeves

Friday night before New Year's Eve, I figured, shit, I don't have an outfit... Because I had already 'ordered' something from Spinning Closet for a wedding in January, I cheated on their website again and there I came across this one (top, because of the straight model I dared to order it without fittings). The dress came in just in time (New Year's Eve Tuesday) and I felt great all evening (and night and morning) in this dress, it's an easy model and you feel radiant in it because of the colored sequins! A pretty safe choice for anyone who wants to look festive! (unfortunately I don't have a good picture of myself in the dress, I was too busy partying) 🙂


Floral print Jumpsuit

What a fantastic jumpsuit this is, I felt great in it (it's not only beautiful, it's also great to wear) and all the compliments about my outfit that night made me feel really shiny!


Elegant gala dress

Beautiful dress & great service from Spinning Closet! An absolute must for a gala


Corset dress

What an incredibly beautiful chic and also glamourous dress. It fitted as if it was tailor-made! Got a lot of compliments. Thanks for the service

Cathy Moerdijk

Draped olive green dress

The dress is beautiful and very nice.


Soft pink dress

Silky soft dress in all respects. I felt free and very mobile in it without losing my 'femininity'.

Kim van der Veer

Neon slip-on dress

A very elegant, simple but striking dress. The fabric is made in such a way that the dress falls down nicely and smoothly without sticking to your body. Now worn during an evening out on the coast in Spain, but I would also hire him for a gala like that.

Emily Ledeboer

Melody lace up dress

During a wedding I wore this crazy dress from Zimmerman. It's perfectly made. The fabric is soft and airy, the fit accentuates the waist beautifully, it's not too short and you don't have to wear a bra underneath. During the day I wore a long neat overcoat over it, in the evening at the feast the open back was of course allowed to be visible. I'd definitely rent these again.

Emily Ledeboer

Dumbbell dress

This dress is really perfect.


Dress with festive fringes

I loved wearing this dress. It fitted perfectly and was so fun to dance in. Thanks so much to the team at Spinning Closet. From start to finish they were so kind, supportive and fun. I am a size 42 and had a baby 6 months ago and I loved being able to dress up and find something new without filling my closet with another dress I will only wear once. Next wedding/event I am coming back.

Lucy Hall

Flower dress

A beautiful dress for a wedding, like mine, under the Italian sun in Florence. Everything was right.


Torah dress

I wore this dress to the annual Young Patrons Circle Gala of Nationale Opera & Ballet. Not only did I get A LOT of compliments but I felt great in it. It is a stunning, special dress that is extremely comfortable at the same time. It was so fun to be able to wear a unique dress like this. Also: I appreciate the sustainable character of renting your dress, especially for special occasions like a gala. I would highly recommend Spinning Closet to any friend and would definitely recommend renting this dress in particular. Success guaranteed.


Soft pink dress

Amazing dress for a vintage summer wedding! The fit was great and the dress is elegant and chic at the same time. I loved the silk fabric on the bottom of the dress.


Donna Mai dress

The girls from Spinning Closet really jump into a hole with their circular wardrobe for special occasions! They have beautiful pieces in their collection and also provide a great service. I wore this flowy dress, which stands out thanks to its bright colour, with a lot of pleasure to the Young Patrons Circle Gala. The dress was as cast: I am 1 meter 75 long and usually have a size 38 with a cup A/B.

Mary Falcon

Flirty Natalia Dress

This dress is stunning, these photos really don't do it justice! I wore it for my 40th birthday party and really felt like a start. The only minus point is that this dress requires a special stick on a bra (that didn't really work for me) or a body corset as it's very open on the top. But I'd still get it again, it really is a stunning dress

Victoria Unknowns

Melody lace up dress

Great dress for a summer night out in Cannes. I'm tall but dress was long enough around my legs & arms. The buttons around my neck were a bit tight when I danced too much 🙂


Corset dress

Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designers. So, I am biased 😉 I rented the dress for a speaking engagement about circularity and fashion (for more info with a fashion oriented audience. I think the dress is fashionable, without overdoing it. As the atmosphere of the event was business casual - this dress fitted perfectly, business-like with a twist. The dress is comfy, As there are no zippers, which works aesthetically very well, it was a little bit of a struggle to get it on and off, but trust me: it's worth it 😉


Floral print Jumpsuit

I've felt wonderful in this jumpsuit. Fell in love as soon as I saw him and he sat like a glove. Thanks Spinning Closet for the opportunity to easily wear a designer outfit.


Silk green dress

This dress was like a cast on me. The fabric is very nice and the straps with beads complete the dress!

Esther Vedder

Sienna gala dress

I wore this beautiful dress at the opening of my company Mare Interiors advice. I got compliments from everyone that I looked beautiful. The dress took the opening to a 'higher' level and made it all festive. I liked the low back at the back very much.


Cortese Tweed Dress

It's elegant, chic and one of a kind (or actually four of a kind). Beautiful and firm fabric. Guarantee for compliments; all thanks to Jacquemus and Spinning Closet, which is excellently run by two enthusiastic women!


Layered chiffon Dress

One word: Amazing! The first time that I was fitting this dress, I knew it, this is my dress! I feel like a princess. The dress is beautiful detailed. Because of the extra layers in the design it is magically when you walk. The color can't be taken with a picture, so special. I'm still in love and would definitely recommend you to rent this dress for a special event.

N. Fisherman

Lilac dress

Lovely dress in which your figure stands out at its best! It is also very comfortable to sit in and you can move around with it. Highly recommended.


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