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Images: Courtesy of Obsess

Photo: Screenshots of Obsess platform Voyeur From my living room I look straight into one of the cozy shopping streets in our capital. And with a lack of TV I like to stare at the frolicking shoppers. After weeks of silence we are back to life in the brewery, but for the shop owners it still seems [...].


Screenshot Instagram Page Hanifa Official Reality The terraces have been open for a week! Luckily the sun is shining now and then as we are allowed to "play" outside a bit more. But unfortunately that doesn't mean that I have a holiday. In addition to writing this blog, I mainly focus on design and art-direction [...].

The circle round

Dries Van Noten. Illustration: PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP via Getty Images The circle around After my search in recent weeks for the responsible reduction of the size of my wardrobe, I become extra happy when big bodies like Vogue write that it is high time to set up a circular fashion industry in which the challenge of both consumer and producer [...]

Ostrich politics?

Ostrich politics? Netflix played out, a record number of series, films, insta-stories and other entertaining visuals I've devoured over the past few weeks. Lovely to have and take time for this. But now I'm done with it, I really can't stand to see all the actors making the same stupid choices over and over again [...].